Who we are


Interpump Group, the world's largest manufacturer of high pressure pumps, was born in 1977 from the intuition and initiative of a man, Fulvio Montipò, and has developed thanks to the perseverance of other men who shared his philosophy, giving life to an extremely ambitious project.

Mr. Montipò, in fact, introduced substantial technical modifications to the product, designing and building pumps that were more compact, quieter and easier to service.

Another qualifying element of this innovation was the adoption of full-ceramic pistons, which ensure a higher overall reliability.
This authentic revolution permitted Interpump Group to achieve the worldwide leadership ever since the early 80's, thus becoming the recognised reference, even for the competitors.
The leadership has strengthened throughout the years, up to nowadays, thanks to the completion of the range and to unparalleled quality standards, guaranteed by a total control of the production process starting from the raw material up to the finished product.
Interpump Group manufactures today pumps with pressure up to 500 bar and professional high pressure cleaners, with 75% of total sales destined for export.


Cleaning is at the same time: washing, renewing, protecting, giving new life.

Cleaning is a need as ancient as Man.

A need that grows with the civil growing of mankind and that has found professional answers only in the last few years, combining the technology of our time with the clean, extraordinary energy of water.
Water, together with air and earth is the element which probably appears the most natural to us, the one we think we know the best.

But this is not so!

The power, the magical energy contained in this natural element is amazing, and to know it and to be able to use it for the benefit of everybody, man must work with science and passion.

Interpump Group is a company which lives and works with water, a world-wide leader company.